A full-size van is the best solution for people who want to go on vacations as a group. A van offers you the convenience of timeliness and the fun associated with traveling as a group. Today, weekend getaways are becoming more and more common. Church retreats are also equally common. In all these events, you will find it very important to rent a full size van in order to holistically meet your travel needs. The size of the chosen van is determined by the number of members in the traveling group as well as the costs involved. As far as most van rental companies go, the larger the group of travelers, the more reasonable the charges. This scenario arises as a result of the dynamics of economies of scale. Likewise, established van rental companies usually afford to offer their clients better rates than those organizations that are still struggling to cut out a niche for themselves in the travel industry.

Ordinarily, full size vans have a larger capacity then 15-passenger or 12-passenger vans. The make and model of the vans might not matter a lot as long as they are properly serviced and is ample for members of the group to travel in. Meanwhile, the most popular makers of full size vans are Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Genera l Motors and Suzuki. The best full-size van is one whose back seats can be removed if need be in order to create room for more storage. Accessories matter a lot when it comes to making a choice on full-size vans. You need a van that has tinted glass in order to deal with the problem of glare and heat. A CD changer is also a good accessory which will make the weekend getaway for the family or college mates a very memorable experience.