Renting a regular van is perfect for most cargo transport situations. However, there are times when you may need to move an unusually large item or a lot of smaller cargo. In these situations most people turn to a truck rental, but you may find that a large van rental will be adequate for your needs.

The benefit of hiring a van as opposed to a truck is that a van is usually cheaper to rent and does not require a special license to drive. Although most vans are closed in, restricting the height and width of larger items, there are some large van rentals made specifically for irregularly shaped large objects (such as a grand piano). Most rental van companies will be able to provide you with lifting devices and packing materials to keep your items safe during transport. Although it is important to remember, that this may come at an extra cost.

Although large vans are a specialty vehicle most van rental companies will have at least one in their fleet. This does mean that their will be a slight premium when renting this type of van, but in most cases it works out cheaper to rent than an equivalent sized truck! It is a good idea to make some inquiries to your local vehicle hire companies to get a few different quotes on the price of renting the van as well as any extras that you will need. This will ensure you get the best price available to you.