Many people hire or buy cargo vans to help transport some possessions from one place to another. Renting a cargo van is a fantastic idea for anyone who is moving home as cargo vans can hold a lot of items. However, many people do not know how to safely pack a cargo van. This article will take you through some ways to safely pack a cargo van and avoid damaging your precious items.

When packing a cargo van it is important you use common sense. Think about what will happen to your breakable items while you are driving and don’t pack them anywhere where they might be damaged. It is a great idea to pack you cargo van with a few of your family and friends as they can also give you some advice about how to safely pack items into the cargo van.

One way to protect breakable items is to pack them between soft items. This can help ‘soften the blow’ in the event that the items move during transportation. Towels, clothes and linen make great soft items and are great to pack between televisions and computer monitors to make sure they don’t smash.

When packing items such as televisions, computers and other breakable electronic items it is important to try and pack them in their original boxes. They are much safer and less likely to break in their original boxes, especially when packed between softer items. For small breakable items that do not come in boxes you may want to pack them in boxes stuffed with towels or old clothes to avoid possible breakages.